It’s September and the sun is still shining here in the UK. With high street fashion turning to Autumnal jumpers we are not ready to cover up just yet.

Look sun-kissed all year round with the help of the award-winning tan from He-Shi.

This tan is for both male and females so no more worries about stealing your girlfriends fake tan boys!


This 300ml bottle of tan has a water like texture rather than a thicker mousse. If you find you often have tanning disasters this is the tan for you as it is already tinted. This allows you to massage over the skin, seeing where you have been and where you may have missed!

This tan is so lightweight it can be used on face and body without the threat of pore blocking.

Apply using the He-Shi mitt in sweeping circular movements. Around the feet, hands, elbows and knees I like to mix a small amount of the He-Shi Souffle body moisturiser in with the product to help it blend into the drier areas better.

One layer of this tan will give a natural colour even to the most porcelain of skin tones. If you like a deeper tan just simply layer up.

Leave this tan on 6-8 hours to ensure maximum development time and simply shower off to reveal a natural gorgeous tan.

The best thing about purchasing your He-Shi tan from is that you will receive a free body moisturiser AND mitt…thats a saving of £15.50!!


Get hold of your bottle and freebies today by heading over to our site here…


We are so pleased to now be stocking New CID Cosmetics.

New Cid Cosmetics is a premium cosmetic brand that prides itself on being created by makeup artists for makeup artists. The team behind the brand have all worked within the cosmetic industry so are well aware of the makeup desires of both pro’s and makeup fanatics.

New Cid has a wide range of products to suit all makeup needs and prides itself on continually adapting and releasing new products to meet the demands of the market.

Here are some of our faves from the range….

I -Glow in Sirocco


I-Glow powder is a marbled, domed baked highlighter powder that can be dusted onto the high points of the face to create a beautiful shimmer.

You can see the gorgeous Pixiwoo girls discuss this powder in their Summer faves video below..

You can get hold of i-glow which also comes in other colours by following this link..

I-Shadow in Florence


We love this eyeshadow quad packaged in a mirrored chic palette.

The colours in this palette are the perfect autumn colours.  Combining antique golds and plums this palette will suit all eye colours and with the included brushes you can ensure you have a seamless blend of colour.

Follow the link to view the palette..

Head over to the New Cid page to view the whole range and update your autumn makeup colours.

Zoeva Eye Primers

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It’s wedding season and as a working makeup artist I get asked all the time “how can I get my makeup to last all day?”

There’s no trick to this really, just good quality products, layering products and spending a bit of time doing your makeup.

Primers are essential to makeup longevity and Zoeva have three amazing eye primers to choose from.

Depending on how you would like your makeup to look you can choose the best one for you.

Here’s a breakdown..

Zoeva Eye Primer


The standard eye primer from this brand. This cream primer in a light flesh tone glides over the eyelid and blends in with ease.

The creamy texture will grip onto your powder eyeshadow that you will be applying on top.

The colour you put on top will also appear much more vivid and stronger than it would on a bare eye lid.

Suitable for all skin types and would suit very pale through to a medium skin tone.

 Eyeshadow Fix Matte


This primer is the perfect base for an oily eyelid. If you find your eye shadows crease or melt away by the end of the day then opt for this primer.

Containing unique oil absorbing ingredients such as rice silk will grip onto eyeshadow improving it’s colour pay off but will also absorb any oil from the lid before it gets a chance to ruin your eye makeup.

Suitable for all skin tones but particularly beneficial for oily eyelids or for those who like to wear matte eye shadows as the primer won’t add any shimmer.

Eyeshadow Fix Pearl


This primer again is suitable for all skin tones however it will give a high shine, metallic finish to eye shadows.

Use this underneath any eyeshadow but the pearl reflecting pigments in this primer will shine through giving a pearl finish.

You can even use this primer on it’s own if you like a natural pearl finish to the eye without much colour.

Each of these primers can be blended over the lid using fingers or a soft buffing brush such as the Zoeva 227 Brush.

Apply eyeshadow straight on top and blend as normal.

You may find eye shadows a little harder to remove at the end of the day so use a cotton pad and oily eye makeup remover to gently lift away.

You can get hold of all these primers here…

Rapid Brow

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Over the last 12 months there seems to be a massive trend for a larger brow.


 We seem to have steered away from the thin drawn on brow and opted more for the larger, fuller brow…think Cara Delevigne or Brooke shields for those of you old enough to remember!Image

Drawing on your brow to imitate this look never really works. It often looks fake, mainly due to lack of texture that a drawn on brow has.

If you are finding it hard to get your brows looking fuller then check out Rapid Brow.


This brow enhancing serum helps strengthen weak brow hairs and encourages re growth to sparse areas.

This lightweight serum contains proteins and hair stimulating peptides which not only condition existing hairs but help restore over plucked brows to their former glory.

 Apply each morning and evening using a few strokes from the small brush.

 Use continually for 60 days and start to see the results of a fuller brow.

Head over to the Rapid Brow page on our site here to get hold of yours…




Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 09.24.09

We know how much everyone loves Real Techniques and this Summer we are giving you a chance to purchase with 10% off until 16th August!

With 10% off you can stock up on all your key brushes and why not treat yourself to the Real Techniques Travel Kit so you have everything you need for the holiday season.

Watch Samantha Chapman‘s tutorial on the Travel Essentials kit below and get inspired.

To get your special discount head over to our Real Techniques page here… and view all prices with 10% off.

Happy Shopping

If you haven’t heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills then you are missing out on vital brow shaping products!!

If you struggle with getting the perfect brow shape or are someone who likes to transform your brows into different shapes then the Brow Kit is perfect.

Whats in the kit?


These are sharp angled tweezers with a firm grip. They grab even the finest of hairs and the angle allows you to get close to the skin without nipping it.

  • Duo Brow Powder

Available in 5 shades depending on your hair colour the powder comes in a split pan colour. One shade is slightly darker than the other to help create a natural finish rather than one solid block colour.

  • Double ended brush

One spooley end to brush through hairs to position them and a thin, precise angles end to apply powder with.

  • 5 Stencils

The plastic stencil lays over your natural brow and has dotted guiding lines to help ensure it sits correctly. When you flip it over to use on the other side these lines help to align it to match the opposite brow.

The stencils come in Full arch, High arch, Medium arch, Petite arch, Slim high arch.

Pick which style you would like and get filling in with the brow powder.

In the center of the stencil’s arch there is a plastic strip which ensures the arch holds its shape. Once you remove the stencil you will be left with a thin line where the plastic was…PLEASE don’t forget to fill that part in after you remove the stencil or you will be left with a gap.. I have actually seen girls with this gap and it’s not the best look!

  • Clear Brow Gel

Lastly coat your brow hairs with the clear gel to set the hairs in place and keep your style all day.

Watch Anastasia use the kit here…


Get hold of your kit today from

Yu-Be Skin Care

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yu-be-jar-photoIf you’re familiar with Japanese skin care then you may have already heard of Yu-Be.

Made by a Japanese pharmacist named Yoshikiyo Nowatari. His idea was to create a glycerin based moisturiser that could be used all over the body combating people’s dry skin areas.This medicated skin cream, enriched with vitamins E, B2 and C along with Camphor and contains no artificial colours or fragrance. It is one of the longest selling products in Japan.

Safe to use on facial dry skin this cream is also great for people suffering from eczema, nappy rash, hard heels, dry cuticles, split dry skin and has even been used by explorers travelling Mount Everest and Antarctica to help with frostbite.

We stock Yu-Be in a 70g pot (seen above) or in a 1.25oz tube depending on which you prefer.


I have a pot in my bedroom to slather onto dry feet and elbows at night and also keep a tube in my wash bag to help with sunburn or dry skin whilst away.

Check out what all the fuss is about here..


We are excited to now be stocking Victoria Loves Beauty products.

Victoria Loves Beauty has a wide range of disposable tools that cater for industry professionals, amateur makeup artists or just your normal makeup fanatic.

Disposables are essential hygiene tools for all makeup artists to prevent cross infection.

We stock a few mascara wand options depending on the lash look you are opting for and also enviromentaly friendly bamboo handle mascara wands.




We particularly love the white, fine bristle mascara wand which is great for people who find large wands hard to use or for the finer bottom lashes.

With the trend of liquid eye liner being massive at the moment it can be difficult to get a fine line with some of the liner brushes that come with the product. Why not use VLB‘s disposable long tipped liner brush for a super fine line.

If you are a working makeup artist like us here at POM then you know what a nightmare it can be transporting your kit around.

If this is a headache for you then checkout the Clear Zipper bags.


These lightweight, transparent bags can be used to separate your products and zip shut for easy transportation.

If you need something bigger then go for the Large, clear PVC Bag. Ideal for travelling also.


As a working makeup artist I could not cope without my makeup brush belt to clip round my waist and hold all my tools and brushes.


The adjustable strap fits all and with 17 pockets it will hold all your favourite brushes.

Shop Victoria Loves Beauty here….

Worldwide Shipping

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Here at POM we like to stock brands that offer something for everyone irrelevant of your makeup background and experience.

 Having lived overseas I understand how frustrating it is to read all the glossy magazines and see images of beautiful women and their favourite beauty products and also realising that because I don’t live in the UK or USA I will not be able to get hold of these must haves.

This was our driving force to offer worldwide shipping and make sure no matter where you reside you can get your manicured hands on these far flung brands.

I get a lot of emails asking where we ship and also how do customers figure out shipping costs to their country. We have made this simple for you by adding a currency flag in the top right of the main POM website.

 Simply click on the flag that will currently be showing the British flag and from the drop down menu select your currency as shown circled below.



Once you have selected your currency you can then shop with the confidence of knowing the price in your currency.

 On checkout you will also be informed of delivery estimated dates also.

We get great satisfaction of posting our products to exotic overseas locations just as much as you like to receive them. We just wish we could also post ourselves as well!

Happy Shopping and for any postal questions drop us an email on


Sleek Pout Polish

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If the Summer trend for bright lips has left you a little nervous then check out Sleek’s Pout Polish.

 This 10g pot style balm can be applied using your fingers and will give you a wash of colour but with a soft moisturised sheen.


 Packed with intensely moisturising ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil,  Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, lips are left feeling super soft with a balmy texture rather than a sticky finish.

Because of the moisturised finish this balm is not something you can apply in the morning and expect it to still be there by lunch but application couldn’t be easier than using your finger and colour won’t run or bleed so  no need to keep running to the bathroom to check if its all over your teeth!

Suitable for all these come in shades to suit all skin colours.

Bare Minimum is a nude, flesh tone that will enhance your natural lip colour. Great for people that like a nude, pale lip.



Peach Perfection is a soft apricot pink balm. Will give you a gorgeous warm coral tint to the lips.


Pink Cadillac is a fuchsia toned pink that will give you a bit more of a colour pop. Looks almost raspberry toned on the lips.



Check out Pout Polish and other products from Sleek here